Great Mother's Day Tips

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Great Mother's Day Tips

Great Mother's Day Tips

Mother's Day is a time of commemoration and celebration for Mom. With Mother's Day approaching, this may be a question facing many caregivers.


1. Deliver the classic Mother's Day treat: breakfast in bed on an old-fashioned wicker tray table. Cook her favorite morning fare, mix her an eye-opening mimosa, and tuck her favorite flowers into a small crystal vase. If the tray has slots on the sides, fill them with small presents (or big presents in small packages).

2. Take your mother on a trip with Mother's Day sandwiched in the middle. Make it as simple as a long weekend at the beach or as elaborate as a multiweek tour of English gardens.

3. Surprise your mother with a visit if she lives far away. (Just be sure to coordinate your plans with a conspirator on your mother's turf; you don't want to travel halfway across the country only to find your mom's taken off for the weekend.)

4. Deliver her present by way of a treasure hunt. Invite her for dinner and give her an elaborately wrapped package. When she opens the gift she'll find a clue telling her where to look for another package. Lead her on as long a trail as you think she'll find amusing, with her real present waiting at the end.

5. Honor your mother's memory if she's no longer living. Send a donation to her favorite charity, or spend the day working for her favorite cause. Do things she taught you to love, whether it's playing golf, working in the garden or taking your dog for a long walk.

6. Thank the women who produced your favorite people - send cards, flowers or notes to the mothers of your friends, even if you've never met them.

7. Throw a Mother's Day party for your mother, your friends and their mothers. Consider a festive spring brunch, or go all out and play it for laughs with an evening costume party. Have everyone dress as a famous mother (or the son of a famous mother), play famous-mother trivia games, and show videos of classic TV sitcoms with mothers as central characters (The Donna Reed Show, Leave It to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet).