Temperature sensitive faucet

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Temperature sensitive faucet

Ever asked yourself why the faucet water does not have any color? You wish it was blue or yellow or green. You wish it looked as alien planet water?

It changes the color of the water to blue every time you turn on the water flow, and turns off when you shut off the water. The blue water will change to red once the water temperature hits 89 degrees F.

The Blue device is available for 12.09 dollars and the red one is available now for 19.99 both measuring 2.25 in height and 1.25 in diameter.

Another cool thing is that the gadget comes with 2 universal adapters that fit every standard faucet in US. You just attach the gadget to the end of the faucet and turn on the water. The LED knows its job. It will array and illuminate the stream with soothingly powerful hues.

It already includes a pre - installed set of spare batteries, a G13-A watch style batteries, an instruction sheet and 2 universal adapters.

Stop dreaming and get the gadget that will make you sip on blue or red water coming directly from your faucet. The taste won't change though, just the color that totally depends on the temperature. This gadget is the new temperature sensitive LED Faucet light device.