USB Heating Gloves

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USB Heating Gloves

The USB Heating Gloves seem to be really nice and cute at first sight. Have a look: warm fluffy woollen gloves of different colors that really warm up your hands and let you operate your fingers without any discomfort. Sounds fantastic, isn't?

But, unfortunately, these are just first emotions. The gloves warm up your hands while connected to the PC via USB. So, you are totally chained to your working place. While typing, playing or working on your computer I don't think that your fingers will get frozen. Then, if you work in a cold office or room you will also need warm clothes, maybe a fur-cap, USB warming slippers, etc. In that case just USB Heating Gloves won't save the situation.

Anyway, the design of the gloves is really cute. There are 2 design versions: a man and a woman version. It was well-thought that cut finger design gives the possibility to move your fingers. But here arises a question: if your fingers are bare, and the palms are in warmth, is it enough? Actually our palms freeze so rarely, but fingers always really need some warmth.

But the maximum temperature impresses - it is up to 53 degrees.
All in all, if you find this gadget useful for yourself - that will be great! Maybe the gloves will be very relevant for a kid that spends much time playing computer games in a cold room. But it can be also given as a funny gift, play a joke on your friends!