SMS do's and don'ts

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SMS do's and don'ts

Avoid participating in text games endorsed by television stations. These games are forms of gambling.

2. Don't pass text messages that ruin other people's reputation.

3. Don't invade the privacy of other people who ask that they be left alone.

4. Delicate information about bomb threat, fire or any disaster should be handled with extreme caution.

5. Avoid using vulgar terms or sending messages that are malicious in nature.

6. Observe courtesy when responding to a texter who had sent his message by mistake to your number.

7. As much as possible, avoid texting while in a conversation with real people.

8. Unless in case of emergency, don't send text messages past midnight when people are asleep.

9. Jokes should always entertain and inspire, not upset or put people down.

10. Texting spiritual truths is greatly encouraged.

Healthy Texting

1. Subscribe to a network, which is also used by your friends, relatives, officemates and text mates. This way, you could save a lot of money.

2. Texting a person who just sits beside you is not advisable.

3. Avoid texting while driving. If you cannot help it, avoid driving while texting.

4. As a matter of caution, texting near gas stations is discouraged.

5. Sending the same messages repeatedly to one person can be irritating to the receiver at times.

6. Turn off your mobile phones while in mosques, classroom, hospital, library, theater, airplane, golf course or beside your friend who needs your full attention.

7. Don't flaunt your mobile phones in public so as not to get the attention of robbers or thieves.

8. Before putting it in your pocket, lock the keypad of the mobile phone to avoid making unwanted calls.

Text Lingo

While proper grammar and English usage should always be observed, text lingo can be useful while texting in a hurry.

The following are characters, figures, words and phrases that are most commonly contracted in text messaging.

# - number
@ - at
- and
? - what?
1 - one (Numbers are not usually spelled out.)
2 - two, to, too (Tomorrow becomes 2moro.)
3 - three, tree
4 - four, for (Forget becomes 4get.)
8 - eight; ate (Mate becomes m8.)

attn - attention
b - be, bee (Wana b my txt m8?)
b4 - before
bc - busy
btw - by the way
btwn - between
bye - good bye
c - see; sea
coz - because
cul8r - See you later.
d8 - date
dat - that
dem - them
dey - they
dis - this, these
dnt - do not
dsnt - does not
every - evry
f - if
fil - feel
frens - friends
frm - from
fyi - for your information
g - gee
gud - good (Good morning becomes gud am.)
hi - hi, high
i - eye
l8 - late
laf - laugh
k - okay
luv - love
m - I am, am (Embrace becomes mbrace)
mssg - message
n - and, in
need - nid
nite - night, knight
nt - not
nxt - next
ol - all
pls - please
q - queue, cue
r - are (Hu r u?)
rsvp - respond upon receiving
s - is
smyl - smile
t - tee, tea
til - until
tnx - thanks
text - txt
thru - through
tru - true
ty - thank you
u - you
ur - your, you're
w/ - with
w/c - which
w/o - without
wen - when
y - why


1. Drop some vowels.

2. Avoid word contractions that are hard to recognize. (Ndpndnc is certainly not a good substitute for independence.)

3. Use a smiley to convey an emotion. :-)

4. Use text lingo only when in a hurry.